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Important Weblinks on Defense Against Child Abuse/Neglect Charges/Allegations

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"Adoption was created to provide homes for orphans. These by definition are children without parents. Car crashes, war, natural disasters.  It was never created to provide children to 'poor infertile couples'. When did the wires get crossed? I guess when someone started making money. Children are not a commodity!!!! Get a puppy."

and what "Deep Throat" told Bob Woodward during the Watergate investigatiion - "FOLLOW THE MONEY"  It was true then, and it is true now. – The National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center – Kim Hart – Executive Director, Barbara H. Bryan – Communications Director.


http://www.falseallegations.comFalse Allegations ~ False Accusations ~ Recovered Memories – a website maintained by Barbara C. Johnson of Massachusetts (see banner below).

Barbara C Johnson


Barbara C. Johnson, Family Rights Attorney in Andover, MA and webmaster of has been disbarred by the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers for Attorney Misconduct.  This is due to having revealed information proving that the Child Protective Services in MA is corrupt.  This case has been going on since February 2003 and has been on appeal ever since.  The BBO has heard the disciplinary phase of her case in November 2007.

The following links will provide the story.

She is currently appealing her case to the US Supreme Court.

I believe that she was unjustly disbarred, and this is an attempt to pull Barbara and her website down.  Please keep Barbara C. Johnson in your prayers, as something is rotten in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!  I will keep you informed! 


Barbara C. Johnson has moved out of the country and has been living in Costa Rica for a couple of years now.  Barb may be out of the country and disbarred from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; but she is still licensed to practice as a lawyer in the federal courts, and is still a mighty threat to the US judicial system.

She has written a book called Behind The Black Robes:  Failed Justice.  It has gotten many positive reviews, and will reveal the corruption within the judiciary of this country.

With the way they have treated Barb in Massachusetts, I don't blame her for moving to Costa Rica.


Latest News from Barb's Site

Latest from Barb's Facebook site

Posted and edited with the permission of Barbara C. Johnson.
The entire so-called child protection system MUST be stopped. The original purpose of these agencies has long been gone. The multi-billions of dollars that the federal government gives toward the alleged upkeep of these agencies is misspent.
Children should be kept with their biological parents. If they are unfit, there should be a TRIAL to prove it with CLEAR AND CONVINCING EVIDENCE. If they are NOT unfit, but need to learn more parenting skills or need to address their problems, then the parents should be required to attend certain classes, seminars, or programs to teach them these skills and address the problems; all times the children are to remain in the custody of their parents.
There are many children who grew up in troubled homes, and many of them survived and became constructive citizens. The goal should be TO FIX THE BIOLOGICAL HOME, NOT TO DESTROY BOTH THE HOME AND THE CHILDREN'S LIVES BY REMOVING THEM.
Children must stay with their biological parents, NOT the foster parents.


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