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Important Weblinks and Information on Child Support

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An Editorial Evaluation

The above link is a research paper written on December 12, 2006 by Jane Spies, M.S., Ed. and originally entitled CHILD SUPPORT: FREEDOM, EQUALITY, AND INCARCERATION.

Some people have said that most articles written about the Child Support System are written by angry men. Maybe so in, as it was written by a man; but if you contend for this position, then I think you need to read what a woman has written. This woman is not biased in her writing, but she has quoted an attorney for a Los Angeles police officer who paid child support to a child that his DNA proved was not his.

Ms. Spies has not only quoted various newspaper articles in support of her position, but has also quoted Dr. Sanford Braver and Diane O'Connell as well as a Harvard Law School Professor among others.

While Karl Denninger of may appear to some not to have done his homework on Child Support, I think they will change their minds when they see a supporting view of a child support system that is broken. They will also see that while there are some who are truly "deadbeat dads" and refuse to believe that that DNA proves them to be the father of that child, most fathers want to financially support their children and want to be involved in their children's lives, were it not for the very high child support that leaves them as "deadbroke dads" instead of "deadbeat dads."

Remember, this research paper was written not by an angry man, but by a woman with a Master of Science in Education, writing from qualified researched materials. - This will give you information as to what the myths and real truths are behind child abuse and child support.


There is an update that I have regarding child support in Ohio, as cited by Rachelle A. Sparks of the Yahoo Group Child Protection Reform: 


"In the State of Ohio, if the non custodial parent is wanting to know where the child support is going, they go to court. The judge then orders a hearing and receipts for EVERYTHING is given. If they find that the child support is misused then a guardian, usally a lawyer, who does it pro-bono (free), is appointed. The parent must then go to the lawyer with any request for money, and depending on what it is, the lawyer writes a check, not to the parent but to the company. The parent no longer has control of the money."


I say that the State of Ohio is on the right track.


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