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The Francesca Moore Story
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The Francesca Moore Story

The following has been submitted with the permission of Raquel Okyay.

I add this because this not only tells Francesca's story, but this also builds upon the story of former Georgia State Senator the late Nancy Schaefer. God only knows the real truth about her untimely departure, but I remember that Senator Schaefer was about to break the GA CPS wide open.

A similar incident happened to the late New York Journal American investigative reporter and What's My Line panelist Dorothy Kilgallen. She had interviewed prisoner Jack Ruby about the John F. Kennedy assassination and was about to blow the story wide open.

In both cases, both women were found dead soon afterward. It is my belief that both women in their respective times were killed to silence them both, because they knew too much.

It is with this information that I now present to you by permission of Raquel Okyay:

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