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One Year After Senator Nancy Schaefer's Murder, The Work Must Go On....

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

This weekend, we are recognizing Senator Nancy Schaefer's murder. Nancy was a true patriot and gave her life to bringing about justice, exposing and ridding evil. If you are unfamiliar with who Senator Schaefer was, it is imperative that you find out right now. I especially implore all Bible believing Christians to read this article, view all the the posted videos and get active...                                                          

Senator Schaefer of course was from the United States but her work was world known. Her dedication to truth and justice brought about by those who hated her for exposing corrupt courts, judges, lawyers, cops, social workers, psychologists, CPS and Domestic Violence Workers, in the end cost her, her life. The official Georgia State Police explanation for Nancy Schaefer's death was "murder-suicide." There were rumors by government officials that Nancy's husband was ill, had cancer and that's why he killed Nancy. That lie knitted by corrupt and evil government leaders proved to be false in the end but they were allowed to get away with their lie (as usually the case) and just added fuel to the fire who either knew Nancy or knew of her work that indeed, Senator Schaefer died at the hands of those employed to shut her up once and for all. Nancy had just completed a film documentary about corruption in courts, cops, CPS and so on with Director Bill Bowen when she was shockingly murdered. Nancy was gunned down with her husband Bruce in their home. It is plainly clear that the film they produced was exposing high level government leaders including reportedly a government led pedophile ring and that made some corrupt and evil people very nervous. 

It is note worthy to share here also that Bill Bowen was found dead approximately 5 months after Senator Schaefer was murdered. It was reported to me that after a few weeks after Bill's death, a USA Congressional Legislator "had warned Bill Bowen not to pursue after CPS and government pedophile rings." I was also informed that Mr. Bowen's body was found on a golf course where he was told to "return to get more information about an investigation he was doing." Some government leaders shared that Bill was playing golf and had a heart attack. However, Bill's body was found alone and as I was informed "very rarely, Bill played golf, he was not good at it." Bill's work can be seen here (if you can stomach truth) at (Part 1).

If you have dared to take the time to fully view all these video's I have posted thus far, you should be well educated enough to figure things out for yourself. I like so many parents around the world have never asked to be included or dragged into such a diabolical government system of "legal" child stealing for financial profit. Many of us that are engaged in the fight to expose the evil at which hands we suffer, were reluctant, in shock at how large, and evil our governments have placed their wicked sticky fingers in our families and personal lives. None in "pro-family leadership" currently, has had the clout as Senator Nancy Schaefer did. She was a state legislator in the past, intelligent, caring and interested in truth. Unlike 99.9% of all politicians(around the world) Nancy wanted more than anything to help people, children and her beloved United States Of America. She loved God (she was a Bible believing born-again Christian and member of the Southern Baptist Convention) and felt it her God given duty to expose, rid evil and tell the truth. So unlike almost all of today's politicians, Nancy had class, she had integrity and she had honesty on her side. Nancy in the end was not interested in being re-elected as she was in sharing truth and exposing the evil in the world and how children, families, parents had become victims to an evil government system designed to break apart families for profit. You can not find 1% of all politicians world-wide no less in America where they will help you expose corrupt courts, CPS, Family Courts, Judges, Lawyers, Cops, Filipina Migration Scammers and so on. Believe me, after I was victimized by a Filipina Migration Scammer in New York State and threatened with murder by a City of Batavia cop, none would help me, not one politician. Not  Sen. Charles Shummer,  Rep. Chris Lee (now resigned due to "sexting"), Sen. Kristen Gillibrand, Rep. Ted Poe or Rep. Alan West. Neither did Governor Cuomo, President Obama, the FBI or Justice Department. So we all have learned that the level of evil that Senator Schaefer was exposing went all the way to the top!

It is high time that we get on this fight to expose and rid evil against parents, children and families in high gear. A very long time ago, people should have gotten past the "whining and complaining stage" and got their hands around the scruff of the necks of these corrupt, wicked people and drag them from their place of power if necessary. I have been recently informed by and other reliable source in the UK there are now as in the USA, lawyers being threatened and disbarred for righteously representing parents who have had their children illegally stolen by the government. In fact, I was informed of one attorney who had to flee her country after her and her child was threatened by government officials. I also am personally aware of some attorneys who have been disbarred in the USA for sharing only truth and fact as outlined by law but they were warned behind closed doors to "drop it" or to remove  themselves from the case "or else." Apparently there are still some attorneys who follow the rule of law and will fight for their clients rights even if means illegally being censured.

Educating people, letter writing campaigns, rallies only go so far. I've said it before and I'll say it again... This fight for what is good and right has taken many years just to get a handful people active to come to a meeting about corrupt courts, Parental Alienation Syndrome, and so on. How many more years will it take before we get our children back? I have seen many commit suicide around the world or die without seeing their children after 10, 15, 20 or more years. How many years are you willing to listen to the lies of these evil people and to be purposely ignored by government officials, the media and so called "watch dog groups"  while your children are abused, neglected, sold off, and filled with PAS propaganda? Every day that goes by is another day in hell for many children in the USA (around the world) who have been impacted horrifically by evil government agencies, courts, cops, lawyers, CPS, Filipina Migration Scammers and the like. Two leaders of truth, both Senator Nancy Schaefer and Bill Bowen lost their lives due to exposing evil. What will it take to get our children and families back? If evil is willing to murder a Senator and a Film Producer, do you think a few more protests, petitions and so on is going to work?????

Thankfully, there are at least some in the Christian church waking up and taking action (Thank you brother Paul in the UK) and also Dr. Pastor Drake
We see that there are these Christian Pastors and others willing to stand up and fight back and fight back we should! The Christian Church should always take the leadership role in speaking Truth. These are our children and families we are talking about ! Believe me, if I felt in my heart that those corrupt court officials or that the foolish cop who illegally violated me and my children had any integrity, I would just challenge them to a fist fight for the right to get back everything they stole from me. But I believe they would NEVER take me up on my challenge because they have NO integrity or honor, and they are COWARDS and TERRORISTS. They know that although I am nearly 50 years old, Diabetic, have Hypertension, and Anemic, I would win because I have God and the truth on my side. I hope and pray these and all other evil cowards who terrorize children, parents and families also read this article. I pray what I share here in this blog article shakes corrupt people in their boots enough to get them to repent to Jesus for their evil and know that if not now, that I and other parent's who have been illegally wronged will have their say so whether in this life or the next. Either way, it won't be pretty for these wicked people unless they repent now.
Galatians 6:7 "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

R.I.P. Senator Schaefer!  We miss you, and your work will go on!


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