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The Awareness Quilt Project
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Awareness Quilt


This Awareness QUILT Project was created for display by Gail Head to bring attention to the plight of so many innocent children who have been VICTIMIZED BY CORRUPT Family Courts, and or STOLEN by CPS and placed into Foster Care, and some even SOLD into Adoptions by these same state agencies via the family courts.  This was presented at the August 18, 2007 Washington, DC rally and was observed by those at the rally and those who passed by inquiring about the quilt.  I am keeping a picture of this quilt on my website as a reminder of the children who died in foster care, adoptive care, and those children whom CPS foolishly returned to their truly abusive parents only to have them die at their hands.


The Child Protective Service failed these children.   According to, more less than 600 children are listed as having died in foster care, adoptive care, group homes, or psychiatric facilities - all a part of CPS.


And the list continues to grow at, maintained by Suncana S. Alvarado


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